Beef Stew

Source – Bing

Serves 2

400g of beef cubes for stewing
2 large potatoes
1 large carrot
2 large onions
1 punnet (about 300g) fresh brown mushrooms
5 cloves of garlic, minced
2 litres water
3 cubes beef stock (I used Oxo brand)
2 T oyster sauce
1 T dark soy sauce
a good splash of Shaoxing Huaotiao wine (about 5 T)
1 bottle (about 330ml) of good dark ale (I used Tui)
3 bay leaves crunched up slightly
1 heaped teaspoon of dried thyme
1 t of chilli powder
1 t dark vinegar or Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 t sugar


Cut all ingredients into large bite size.

Marinate the beef for 20 mins in some Masterfoods Meat Tenderiser. Rinse clean after that.

Stir fry garlic in a little oil in a deep saucepan till fragrant. Add beef and stir fry till brown. Add onions and stir fry some more.

Add water. Cover and simmer at low heat for 1 hour and 15 mins. Stir occasionally.

Add mushrooms, carrots and potatoes. Add more water if stew is too thick. Cover and simmer for 20 mins (or until potatoes are cooked through and soft).

If stew is too watery, add some plain flour to thicken.

Serve with warm crusty bread.

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