Oreo Cheesecake

Serves 8 to 10.

I made this for my stepson’s birthday because he loves cheesecake and it was a hit with our guests. It’s no-bake and really simple make.


Base –
250g Oreo Cookies, cream removed
150g butter


2 t gelatine granules
60ml water from a recently boiled kettle
360g soft cream cheese
300ml double cream
1 t vanilla extract
110g caster sugar
150g white cooking chocolate, melted
150g of oreo cookies,”thwacked” into pieces


1. Line base of a 23cm springform tin

2. Blend or process the plain chocolate biscuits until they resemble fine
breadcrumbs. Add the melted butter and process until just combined.

3. Using hands, press the biscuit mixture evenly over the base and 3cm up the side
of the prepared tin and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

4. Sprinkle gelatine into the water in a small bowl and in a small saucepan of
simmering water. Stir until the gelatine dissolves and allow to cool for 5 minutes.

5. Beat the cheese, cream, vanilla extract and sugar in a bowl or processor. If using a processor pour into a bowl and stir in the gelatine mixture and the melted white chocolate then fold in the oreo cookies.Pour the mixture into the biscuit base and refrigerate for about 3 hours or until set.

6. The surface is usually rough if you follow the recipe exactly above. The reason why the surface of the cake shown here is smooth is because I held back a portion of the batter before adding in the chopped oreo cookies. After I’ve poured the batter with the oreo cookies into the tin, I poured the remaining white batter on top, and smoothed it out with a spatula.

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  1. Hi Bing! Your receipe seems really easy! But I’ve got one question, for step 4, do you mean the gelatine have to be sprinkled into 2 bowls? one in a small bowl and one in a saucepan? Thanks in advance! :)

  2. Hi Angelin, I placed the gelatin in a bowl of hot water. And this bowl was sitting over a small saucepan of boiling water too. But in Singapore, boiling water doesn’t cool so easily, so just place the gelatin in the water and stir until completely dissolved will do.

    I made this cake for my stepson’s birthday and everyone loved it. It was a hit!

  3. Thanks Bing!=) I’m gonna go buy the ingredients and try it soon. I came to know of your blog recently through the sg blog awards and I really like reading your blog and this cooking site! You make cooking so much simpler. I’m a newbie to cooking and have been using quite a number of your recipes and my family loved all that I’ve cooked! Your pictures and step-by-step teaching really help a lot. So just wanna say a big thank you!!((:

  4. Thanks for such a sweet note, Angelin! I’m glad you enjoy the recipes. =)

  5. Hey Bing! Just a question. Your cake looks very smooth on top, is it white chocolate spread or just cream spread?


    • Oh! The surface is usually rough if you follow the recipe exactly. The reason why the surface here is smooth is because I held back a portion of the batter before adding in the chopped oreo cookies. After I’ve poured the batter with the oreo cookies into the tin, I poured the remaining white batter on top, and smoothed it out with a spatula.

      This was done because I needed my cake here to be a smooth surface so that I can arrange birthday words to be placed on it. =)

      Thanks for asking. I’ve included this last bit of info in the original recipe too for everyone to know.

  6. Hi Bing, I only have dark chocolate in my pantry. Can I replace the white with dark chocolate? I understand this will alter the colour of the cheesecake but tastewise, do you think it will turn out ok?

  7. I’ve never made it with dark chocolate before. So I really don’t know! Sorry. Give it a try and let me know if it tastes great! Cooking is all about experimenting. :)

  8. Hi Bing,
    You mentioned… 2 t gelatine granules. Means 2 teaspoons or tablespoons? Thank you :)

  9. T is tablespoon. t is teaspoon.

  10. Thank you Bing!
    Am going to try making this for my son’s 10th birthday 😉
    Do you know how can make the cream for the wordings?
    Thank you once again! Cheers

    • Hi Anne, I always buy ready frosting/icing for words in tubes. They come in small tubes in the baking section. I’m not a seasoned baker and making my own icing for words make me nervous because they melt too easily. =p

  11. Hi I can’t find double cream
    Can replace w whip cream &
    How much do I use for whip cream
    Also same 300ml?

    • I’ve never substituted with whipping cream so I really don’t know. Sorry.

      If u are in Singapore, double cream is called thickened cream by the brand Bulla. It’s found in Cold Storage.

  12. Hi Bing,

    I was about to ask what is ‘double cream’;) Glad that I can substitute it with Bulla Thickened cream which is easily available in Singapore :) Thank you!

  13. Hi Bing,

    Need to seek your valuable advice again :p

    Is it alright if I just use 1 block of the cream cheese which is 250g instead of your 360g?

    For the Base -(250g Oreo Cookies, cream removed) Is it alright if I don’t remove the cream? Will it be toooo sweet?

    For the filling – (150g of oreo cookies,”thwacked” into pieces) did you remove the cream for these 150g oreo too?

    Thank you once again for your patience :)

    • If you use 250g of cream cheese, you should reduce the entire recipe by 1/3 too. So that it’s the same recipe, just a smaller portion.

      If you don’t remove the cream for the base, the base won’t sit nicely and may break very easily because of the cream.

      No, I didn’t remove the cream of the biscuits for the filling.

      Hope that helps.

  14. Dearest Bing!
    I did the oreo cheesecake and followed your recipe…. It was a success!!!! Am very happy with the result 😀 Thank you so much for your patience and valuable advice :-*

    • That’s great! Glad you enjoyed it. =)

  15. Hi Bing,

    It’s me again!
    This time I wanna try your Oreo cheesecake! :)

    Can I check with u, I’ve seen 2 types of Bulla cream in the supermarket, Bulla Pure Cream w 45% milk fat 200ml & Bulla Thickened cream 300ml.
    Upon seeing ur comments for your other readers, u mentioned that double cream is cream which contains 45% milk fat and we can use Bulla Thickened Cream. However when I tried googling for Bulla’s range of creams, it states that thickened cream contain 35% milk fat and Pure cream contains 45% milk fat. And Thickened cream comes in 300ml bottle wheras Pure Cream comes in 200ml bottle. So in this case, which is the correct one/which one u used for this recipe?
    And also can we do without white chocolate?
    I’ve used Gelatine in other recipes before but it’s hard to dissolve it. It always lump up and failed to dissolve completely. What can be wrong? Is it the water temperature?

    I thank u in advance!

    • Hi Shanelle

      Use the cream that sounds like milk when you shake the bottle. It should be very liquid. If it’s very thick, like melted ice cream, it’s too rich. I have never made this without white chocolate. Feel free to experiment. And yes, if the water is cold, the gelatine won’t melt.

      Good luck!


      • Oh I appreciate your super quick reply!
        Can I ask what happens if we used the the wrong type of cream? Eg too high or too low in fat content?
        I also saw on Bulla’s website that their thickened cream contains 35% milk fat n halal gelatine.. Maybe that’s y it’s “thickened”..
        Too bad I can’t post pics here, otherwise I could have shown u if what I saw in the supermart is what u’ve used.. :(
        I’m sorry to ask so much as I always like to try baking but has nv been very successful until I found your Jap Chiffon Cheesecake.. :p

        • If the fat content is too high, your cake will be very rich.

  16. Hi Bing! For the base, 250g Oreo cookies is excluding the weight of the cream right? Or weight total as 250g which means after removal of cream, it’ll be less than 250g. So which is which? Thanks! Will be making it this weekend so am very excited! :) Thanks again!

  17. Hi Bing! It’s me again! Today, I have tried to make this Oreo cheesecake for my hubby bday! I had tried your Jelly Heart cheesecake too! My Oreo cheesecake turn out good, thanks to your recipe! But I still face the same problem for abv 2 cheesecake that I have made, my cheese melted quite fast and become very soft after putting outside for abt 20mins. Do you know why? I wann to use this method again to do on blueberry cheesecake because I’m a cheesecake lover and do not have a oven at home. I hope you able to advise me why my cheese melted so fast. or is it normal?

    • Hi Jasmine, please make sure you use the right amount of gelatin powder. It sounds like your gelatin wasn’t working. Both recipes call for a good amount of gelatin to hold the cheese layer together. In my experience with these cakes, they were often more “hard” than “soft” when they have been chilled and the gelatin has set. If you are using the right amount of gelatin and still find the cake soft and filmsy, then try adding a little more gelatin. Good luck!

  18. Hi Bing, thanks fr yr reply! So when you mentioned 2t gelatin powder. Is it flat or with a little hill for the gelatin powder? I will keep trying again! Thank u! really love yr step by step recipe. Have a nice day ahead!

    • Flat.

      Do consider that I often bake in a colder country and don’t have a problem with heat and humidity. If you are in Singapore, ensure that the cake is very chilled when you served it. It’s easier to cut too. Even if there’s not enough gelatin, cream cheese is a solid block when chilled and the cake should hold. If you are going to leave it out for a while before serving, then add a little more gelatin so that the cake can hold its shape longer.

      Have fun!

      • My gelatin powder is a little hill on the t. I’m staying in Singapore. Yes, when it’s chilled, it is more easy to cut. Just that after like 20mins outside, my cheese started to melt. =(
        it’s okie, I will keep trying…

  19. If Ian using mixer to beat the cream cheese so i got to pour the mixture into a bowl then pour in the gelatin , choco to mix before pouring into the case pan?

  20. Hi Bing!
    May i know how long approximately, this process will take?

  21. Hi bing!

    Does the cookies weigh 250 grams after removing the cream or before?


  22. Hi Bing
    I have tried your Japanese cheesecake and it really turn out well and my whole family loved it. I just tried this Oreo Cheesecake over the weekend and it turn out soft. I chilled it since the night before but it’s soft even when out from fridge. :( I have followed the recipe 2teaspoons of gelatin with 60ml of water. Do I need to process my cream cheese at room temp ? Cos I process it directly out from fridge.

  23. Hi Bing, I can’t find white cooking chocolate. Can i use normal white chocolate instead?

  24. Hi Karen,

    What is the ratio of gelatin to creamcheese mixture if you want to set it firmly?.
    Does all no bake cheesecake have gelatine. I think I dont put enough in my cheesecake.


  25. Hi Karen,

    What is typical ratio of gelatine to cheesecake mixture? Do all no bake cheesecake calls for gelatine?

  26. What is typical ratio of gelatine to cheesecake mixture? Do all no bake cheesecake calls for gelatine?

  27. Hey Bing,
    I would like to ask you can dairy farmer’s brand of thickened cream be a substitute for double cream because that’s all I can find. And I would also like to ask where can I find caster sugar.

  28. Hi Bing,

    i want to try out your oreo cheesecake recipe very much and this is my first non bake cheese cake.

    Can i know this recipe you provide is possible for the 8 inch round bake pan? And, what is the double cream? is it full cream milk?

    Thank you.

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