Fish Meuniere

This is simple and utterly delicious. Just make sure you have really good spatulas to flip the fish with.

Serves 4.


4 pieces of flat white fish fillet
6 T of butter
Mastercook Garlic Pepper seasonings (or just salt and pepper, if you don’t have it)
1 lemon
2 T plain flour


Season the fish fillets with garlic pepper seasonings. Just rub sparingly on both sides of the fish.

Lay out the flour on a large flat plate.

Dredge the fish into the flour and shake off the excess. I wanted to try using different types of fish, so I used 2 pieces of orangey roughy and 2 pieces of hoki fish, that’s why they look different.

Heat a pan till very hot. Place 3 T of butter into the pan.

When the butter is hot, gently place the fillets into the pan.

Keep cooking at a medium high heat for a few minutes until it is brown and crisp on one side.

Using one (or better yet, use two) large flat spatulas and GENTLY (warning: GENTLY! the fish breaks easily) turn them over to the other side.

Cook for a few more minutes till the other side is brown as well. Dish it up and set aside.

Return pan to the fire and add in the rest of the butter. About 3 T of butter.

Cut the lemon into half and squeeze the juices into the pan.

It’ll go into a mad sizzle. Season generously with garlic pepper seasonings.

Spoon the hot buttery lemony sauce over the fish fillet.

Take a picture if you like *grin*, and then dig in!

Super super good.

We discovered that the orange roughy tasted better than the hoki. Both were good. But if we compared it, the orange roughy was better. But then again, one costs $33/kg and the other is $11/kg. How to compare? Hahaha.. you can also use sole or dory fillets.

You can find the photos-free recipe for printing here. (large file, please wait for it to download & display)

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  1. We just tried this. Want to say its not only simple, delicious – ITS FAST TO COOK!!! Manage to satiate some grumpy very hungry teens who just cannot wait …. thanks , ppd


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