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Welcome to my humble collection of recipes.

This is the place where I store my personal archive of recipes. Some are my own, some are from famous sources and some recipes that have been modified by me.

I hope you enjoy them! My main blog is at Story of Bing. Don’t forget to check that out!





  1. Hi Bing! Just wondering, have you made pizzas before? Would love to read a recipe about that. 😀

    • Hi Amy.. yeap, I make them.. I’ll try to share a tutorial on that soon!

  2. Nice photos that you have include in all your recipes, ready make me feel like making them for my family and friends right away, Greatly appreciated

  3. Hi bing, is tehre a way i can subscribe to your recipes? Would love to get notifications every time you upload new ones!

    • I don’t think I have a feed for this site. Will explore it. :)

  4. Hi, may i know what brand is ur oven? im looking for a new oven but the current ones in BEST DENKI etc looks flimsy… =/

    • The oven I use right now in South Africa is by Bosch.

  5. Hi Bing,
    In your banana cake receipe, you use plain flour. Can I substitue the plain flour to cake flour?

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